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Labor Leaders and FOP Unite at Press Conference

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Montgomery County Police Officer Calls Question B "Nonsense" Click Here for PDF

FOP seeking federal probe into Question B Gazette 11.2.12

Amid high-profile races, police bargaining a hot issue in Montgomery

Vote against Question B to support county police, their families

Maryland state prosecutor closes investigation into Montgomery County electioneering

Maryland Prosecutor Investigates Montgomery County Gov't Advocacy for Question B // READ: MoCo Officials Respond

FOP attorney calls for Montgomery spokesman’s resignation. Davis claims spokesman lied about police unions support of ambulance fee 

Lawsuit threat pushes Montgomery to let union run advertisements

Timing works against FOP bus ad plan - Zifcak: ‘Effectively we’ve still been shut out’

Police (Union) Brutality: Montgomery County Police “Effects” Bargaining Bludgeons Public Safety

Fight on Police Union Referendum Heats Up - WAMU 88.5  

Union Leaders Unite Against Montgomery Question B - Gazette

Unions accuse Montgomery County Officials of Lying in Fight Over Bargaining Rights - The Examiner

Local Unions Rally Against Montgomery County Police Labor Law -Washington Post

Maryland Juice: Question B Update

Union leaders unite against Montgomery Question B - Gazette Article 10.10.12

Local unions rally against Montgomery County police labor law - Washington Post Article 10.10.12

Pair of Montgomery County union leaders to oppose Question B The Gazette 10.5.12

FOP seeks Inspector General inquiry for Montgomery Question B campaign - The Gazette 9.26.12

Lanny Davis Calls for Montgomery Investigation Debate on Police Referendum - Washington Post 9.25.12

MoCo Council President Roger Berliner and Police Union Attorney Trade Barbs Over "Question B" Debate Invitation

GOP, Democrats agree on repeal of effects bargaining Gazette.net

Montgomery Pols Face Off with FOP Over Police Union's Power -Montgomery Village Patch













Authorized by “Citizens For Effective Law Enforcement Against Question B, Marc Zifcak Treasurer”