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Labor Leaders and FOP Unite at Press Conference

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Labor Leaders and FOP Unite at Press Conference

Special Thanks: FOP Lodge 35 cannot thank everyone enough for attending and showing their support for us! THANK YOU!!!

Media that attended included the following: Channel 4, The Gazette, The Washington Post, The Patch.com and WAMU 88.5.

Click Below for Video of the Speakers. The Speakers in order from top right to bottom right: Torrie Cooke, Marc Zifcak, Senator Roger Manno, Delegate Charles Barkely, Fred Mason AFL CIO MD and DC President, Jos Williams President AFL CIO Metro DC Council, Gino Renne President Local 1994 MCGEO, John Sparks President IAFF 1664, Johnnie Walker National Rep. of AFGE, Abiola Afolaya.




Authorized by “Citizens For Effective Law Enforcement Against Question B, Marc Zifcak Treasurer”