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American Jurisprudence, Second Edition defines effects bargaining as follows:

§ 2347.What constitutes good faith effects bargaining

The purpose of requiring bargaining over the effects of a change in employer operations is to soften the blow of the change and to assure that employees do not have to absorb all its harsh effects.[FN1]

An employer fulfills its duty to bargain over the effects of a plant closure when it advises the union that a shutdown is imminent, after it has previously notified the union of its serious financial difficulties and bargained concerning those difficulties.[FN2]

For over 30 years Montgomery County police officers have collectively bargained over issues critical to us and our families, including the effects of the exercise of management rights. Collective bargaining has worked well to create a stable and open work environment which enables police officers and our families to thrive. Repealing the right to bargain over these issues will make police officers and their families vulnerable to significant change and disruption in their lives. Repealing effects bargaining will set back police labor relations. It will undermine the purpose of the police collective bargaining law which has kept labor peace for over 30 years.
Let me be clear, effects bargaining works. 95% of management decisions do not implicate effects bargaining. Effects bargaining does not impede operational decisions. In the 30 years that effects bargaining has been in place, police operations has run smoothly. In fact, so smoothly, that the county has never utilized the process in the law for resolving a dispute over effects within 50 days.
There is no evidence that effects bargaining has impeded the delivery of police services to this community. In fact, the ORC made its recommendations about effects bargaining in the absence of any testimony or other evidence of a problem. Don’t be fooled into believing that effects bargaining is about requiring police officers to check their email. It is about requiring us to check email when we are on vacation or in the hospital giving birth. It is
Don’t be fooled into thinking that effects bargaining is about requiring police officers to utilize electronic report writing. It about providing us with the means and the time to check email.
is about providing us with proper training and the equipment to perform this task.
We police officers are concerned about having the resources and training to do our jobs well. We are concerned about the effects of management decisions that impact our schedules, ability to plan time with our families, our vacations, and our time off. We are concerned about fairness in transfers, assignments, and promotions. For over 30 years that effects bargaining has existed, no call has gone unanswered, no report of crime has gone uninvestigated. Simply put, effects bargaining has had no adverse impact on the public.
Federal employees and most private sector employees with collective bargaining have the right to bargain collectively over the effects of the exercise of a management right. Repealing effects bargaining will undercut Montgomery County police officers and our families. We police officers work hard and put our lives on the line daily for this community. We do more with less in Montgomery County; we have a highly educated, well-trained police force that is efficient and capable.
Support working police officers and their families by opposing (Say "AGAINST" ) to question B. Again, we urge you to join us, support working families and oppose Question B.

Authorized by “Citizens For Effective Law Enforcement Against Question B, Marc Zifcak Treasurer”